• BBE Algae Guard measurements are carried out automatically using pre-defined parameter settings immediately after boot-up or by pressing the start button on the touchscreen panel (right).
  • Continuous configuration by the operater is not necessary.
  • Maintenance is as low as 1 hour per month.
  • Parameters can be changed using the external bbe PC software if necessary.
  • Direct chlorophyll fluorescence corresponds to wet-chemical chlorophyll analysis
  • To simultaneously determine the content of chlorophyll according to green algae, blue-green algae, brown algae (diatoms and dinoflagellates) and cryptophytes
  • Allows the compensation of the influence of substances which cause turbidity
  • Yellow substances concentration (CDOM) 


Diameter (D) and /or size (L*W*H) 42*50*20 cm
Maximum operating temperature 40 °
Measured parameters:- Total chlorophyll [µg chl-a/l]
  Concentration green algae [µg chl-a/l]
  Concentration cyanobacteria [µg chl-a/l]
  Concentration diatoms/brown algae [µg chl-a/l]
  Concentration cryptophytes [µg chl-a/l]
  Yellow substance correction
Measuring range 0 - 200 µg Chl-a/l
Minimum operating temperature 0 °
Sample volume 30 ml
Voltage 110/230V - 50/60Hz volt
Weight 16 kg



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