16.98.47 Aerodynamic Synthetic Rain Gauge
16.98.47 Aerodynamic Synthetic Rain Gauge

The aerodynamic rain gauge has been designed to minimise the above effect by presenting a reduced area to the wind. Rainfall is measured by the well-proven tipping bucket method. Precipitation is collected by a funnel and is passed to one of the two buckets situated at either end of a short balance arm. The balance arm tips when the first bucket is full, emptying this bucket and positioning the second bucket under the funnel. The tipping process repeats indefinitely as long as the rain continues to fall, with each tip corresponding to a fixed quantity of rainfall; at each tip the moving arm forces a magnet past a reed switch, causing the contact to be made for a few milliseconds.

  • Eijkelkamp 16.98.47 Aerodynamic Synthetic Rain Gauge design is such that the disturbing influence of air-currents is reduced to a minimum.
  • The funnel has a surface of 507 cm2.
  • The output signal, in the form of a switch contact, is recorded by the logger or recorder.
  • Accuracy +/- 1%.
  • Also  supplied with integrated datalogger.


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