FW3 Type E Fine-Wire Thermocouple
FW3 Type E Fine-Wire Thermocouple

The FW3's small mass eliminates the need for a solar radiation shield. It consists of a type E thermocouple with a connector. The connector attaches the thermocouple to a data logger via the FWC-L cable.

Type E thermocouples are comprised of a chromel wire and a constantan wire joined at a measurement junction. A voltage potential is generated when the measurement end of the thermocouple is at a different temperature than the reference end of the thermocouple. The magnitude of the voltage potential is related to the temperature difference. Therefore, the temperature can be determined by measuring the differences in potential created at the junction of the two wires.

Benefits and Features

  • High-frequency response suitable for eddy-covariance applications
  • Extremely small diameter virtually eliminates solar loading
  • Well-suited for temperature gradient measurements

The FW3 is a Type E thermocouple with a 0.003 in. diameter. It measures atmospheric temperature gradients or fluctuations with research-grade accuracy. The FW3 is compatible with most Campbell Scientific data loggers, and it is often used in eddy-covariance systems.

  • CS FW3 Type E Fine-Wire Thermocouple has a 76.2 micron (0.003 inches) diameter
  • Extremely small diameters virtually eliminate solar loading
  • Type E thermocouples—typical output is 60 uV/°C
  • Typically used to measure atmospheric temperature flux with research-grade accuracy
  • Shipping/transport requires TCBR/ENC (capacity=4)
Type Chromel-Constantan
Typical Output 60 μV/°C
Accuracy Refer to the Thermocouple Measurement section in the data logger manual.
Diameter 0.0762 mm (0.003 in.)
Length 36.8 cm (14.5 in.)
Plug Dimensions 1.8 x 3.3 x 1.0 cm (0.7 x 1.3 x 0.4 in.)
Weight 45 g (2 oz)


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