Sisgeo Digital Tape Extensometer
Sisgeo Digital Tape Extensometer
Digital Tape Extensometer


  • Sisgeo Tape Extensometer is designed to take accurate distance measurements between pairs of reference points permanently installed.
  • Equipped with stainless steel measuring tape with equally spaced punched holes incorporated in a rugged body with digital dial gauge.
  • Available with both hook or 3/8” threaded terminals (to be specified at order).
  • Typical applications include convergence measurements of tunnel linings, according to NATM practice, and monitoring of shafts, underground openings and caverns.
PRODUCT CODES 0DN0030D000 0DN0030D380
Tape lengths 30 M tape 30 M tape
Terminals hook terminals hook terminals
Material stainless steel stainless steel
Hole pitch 25 mm 25 mm
Accuracy of the micrometer ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
Resolution of the micrometer 0.01 mm 0.01 mm
Operating temperature -10 +60 °C -10 +60 °C
Tape Tension 11 kg 11 kg
Tension Indicator Optical Optical
Power Off Automatic Automatic
Power On Automatic (upon movement of the micrometer) Automatic ((upon movement of the micrometer)



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