Chlorophyll Fluorescence Adaption


  • Several of our leaf cuvettes can be adapted for use with commercially available fluorometers.
  • In particular, we have developed a simple yet powerful adaptation to the Hansatech FMS1 and FMS2 pulse modulated fluorometers. 
  • A special fiber optic cable with extended tip (8mm diameter) can be used with many of our light units. 
  • It enables the fiber tip to get close to the cuvette window without intruding on the leaf illumination.
  • If ordering a chlorophyll fluorescence adaption for use with Walz fluorometers, please provide us with the diameter and length of the fiber tip.
  • Our PLC5 (B) Automatic Broad Leaf Cuvette shown with quartz halogen light unit and special fiber optic for use with Hansatech FMS1


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