Precipitation Sensor TRW Tipping-Scale Principle

The TRW 200 takes measurements of both liquid and solid precipitation with the aid of precision scales, with an accuracy of ± 1%. The precipitation passes through a defined 200 cm² collecting area (500 cm² option also available)  into a collecting vessel, which is located directly on the scales.

Low maintenance requirements:
Unlike conventional precipitation gauges, the TWR does not require the customary maintenance trips for cleaning of the hoppers and the collecting filter. The set of integrated precision scales is factory calibrated, it is drift-free and requires no adjustment.

An adjustable pulse output and an SDI-12 output are available as communication interfaces. For storage of the measured values ??of rainfall volume and intensity,  the use of the compact, battery-powered SEBA data collector - Unilog-Light-R - is recommended. When combining the TRW 200 with the GSM742 radio modem, data transmission or being alerted to any problem (i.e. excessive precipitation) via alarm signal becomes possible.


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