DIK-3424 DIK-3424
DIK-3424 Multi-Fold PF Meter
  • This pF meter sets the pF value of the soil from pF1.6 to pF3.2 by the pressure plate method. 
  • It can set up to 24 pieces of sampling tubes in the sample chamber.
  • Any optional pF value is set with the automatic pressure controller.
Sample chamber 1 unit Dimensions: I.D.305 x H222mm
Filter 2 sheets Withstanding pressure: 300kPa
Automatic pressure controller 1 unit (DIK-9222)  
Measuring range 3.9 to 155.4kPa (pF 1.6 to 3.2)
Working temperature range 0 to 40 degrees (used in a thermostatic chamber)
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz 20VA
Weight Approx.50kg
Accessories Handle 1 pce.


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