Labwater 2
Labwater 2

Small deionisation cartridges for producing low volumes of purified water.



A simple, cost-effective method of producing 1 – 10μS/cm purified water at low volumes. Labwater units incorporate an easily replaceable cartridge that changes colour through absorption of ionic contaminants. On complete colour change, replace the cartridge. Units are typically wall-mounted and connected via a dedicated hose (supplied separately) to tap or stopcock and operate directly from water pressure.

Width 80
Depth 100
Height 760
Maximum Shipping Weight (kg) 4.4
Maximum Shipping Weight (kg) 3.5
Feedwater Potable
Maximum TDS (ppm) 1000
Feedwater temperature 1 – 35oC
Maximum feed pressure (bar) 0.5 – 5
Maximum feed flow rate (l/hr) 60
Output @ 50 mg/l TDS (soft) 1280
Output @ 200 mg/l TDS (medium-hard) 320
Output @ 300 mg/l TDS (hard) 212
pH Neutral
Conductivity 1 – 10μS/cm



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