Unidata 6541
6541 Water Level Encoder

The 6541 precision water level instrument is a high accuracy float and pulley based shaft encoder instrument for measuring the level of water in many different applications. Float-operated instruments can be the most accurate way to monitor water levels, and they are the most common method to measure river levels. The Unidata 6541 precision water level instrument can achieve operating accuracy and resolution of 0.2mm with high stability and minimum drift.

This accuracy is maintained for the service life of the instrument without calibration or maintenance, apart from battery changes. The 6541 has the range to monitor surface and underground waters and the precision to monitor rainfall and evaporation.
The water level instrument is normally connected to the surface of the water by a float system. As the water level changes, the input shaft rotates. An optical encoder is mounted on the input shaft. On installation, the instrument is set to display the water level.

The encoder is continuously monitored as the instrument tracks water level changes. These changes update the LCD display and the readings can be recorded by an associated datalogger.
The very low mechanical friction and inertia of the instrument mean that it can produce data with high precision and accuracy. A replaceable battery pack powers the instrument for more than twelve months. Practical design and rugged construction ensure easy operation and long service life.


Material Powder coated aluminium mounting with Polycarbonate Enclosure IP66
Battery 6 x 1.5V industrial grade D size Alkaline battery pack 6910A (non-rechargeable)
Battery life up to 1 year (based on daily schedule)
External power External battery power 7-15VDC may be connected
Range Standard 0m-65.5m or -199.999m to 199.999m
Accuracy 1mm, 0.2mm or 0.1inch depending on the chosen float pulley size
Resolution 1mm, 0.2mm or 0.1inch depending on the chosen float pulley size
I/O 2 x HSIO bi-directional channels, Up to eight instruments can be daisy chained
SDI-12 SDI-12V 1.3 recorder (1200 baud smart instrument channel)
LCD Type Reflective grey no backlight



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