780 Sampler
Water , Water Sampling

This stable device is designed in materials which ensure long life time, even in harsh environments.

By use of vacuum, the 780 makes liquids samples. Together with flow meters, the 780 can make flow proportional samples.

It offers a built-in alarm system, and cleaning and automatic restart in case of obstruction.

Easy to clean sample glass and easy changeable sample tubes.

Award winning design.

Often, the Sampler 780 is used to sample output water from waste water plants. The sampler 780 can be set to do accumulative tests, by time, or activated by impulse from a flowmeter or PLC.
Sampler 780 is created to last long and work steadily without daily monitoring. The device is a well-proven success, especially in Scandinavia where output samples from waste water plants are mandatory by legislation.
Adjusting the sampled amount is done very easily by simply adjusting the length of the intake tube.
Clean the sample glass by unscrewing the glass and wash thoroughly. The sampler is designed to keep the inside electronic parts safe from the wet environment.

Cycle Time Approx. 2 minutes (adjustable 1-10 mins.)
Sample Size 20-500 mL
Voltage 12V DC and 220-240/110-120V AC


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