Aquacell P2-COOLBOX
Aquacell P2-COOLBOX
Aquacell P2-COOLBOX Aquacell P2-COOLBOX
Aquacell P2-COOLBOX
Water , Water Sampling

The Aquacell P2-COOLBOX is designed typically to operate at sites where the sampling requirement is infrequent or there is simply no power available. This high performance Portable Sampler makes a very practical alternative to installing a Stationary Sampler with Sample Temperature Control and the associated costs

The P2-COOLBOX can be supplied with a Sample Temperature Monitoring Facility, with this option the minimum, maximum, average and present sample temperatures can by monitored on the Aquacell display. Additionally all the Aquacell Samplers can be fitted with a Data Connection facility. This enables the download of logged sample temperature data from the Sampler Module to a PC (or similar) via the USB connection

As with every Sampler in the Aquacell range the P2-COOLBOX incorporates the well proven and dependable Aquacell Module

  • MCERTs compliant

  • Incorporates 2 'no mess' Cooling Elements

  • 5 litre HDPE Sample Container

  • Upto 5 day cooling capability (dependant on environmental conditions)

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Supplied with easy clean 5 litre composite Sample Container with lid

  • Mains and / or Battery powered

  • Seperately lockable Sampler Cover and COOLBOX base

  • 350+ samples achievable with a fully charged Aquamatic Battery

  • Via the Ancillary Signal Connection all models can be connected to, and controlled by, external equipment such as Flow Meters, pH Meters, PLCs etc.

Power Options

- 12VDC (Integral or External)

 - 110 / 220 / 230VAC/50hz

Sample Collection Vessel compatibility:

- Supplied with Single 5 litre Container with Screw Lid
Dimension 835x430x430mm(HxWxD)
Weight 17.3kg (including detachable COOLBOX Base)
Intake Hose length 2m (with optional 2m Intake Hose Extensions availabale)
Ambient working temperature range -10°C to 50°C



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