Landustrie Landy Screw Pumps
Landy Screw Pumps
Water , Other

The LANDY Archimedes screw pump is suitable at any location where a need exists to pump a liquid to a higher level. Therefore, there is a wide variety of locations, where our screw pumps are currently operating, from the cleanest swimming water to the most filthy waste water to be imaginable


  • Open, clog-free, simple and robust construction
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Landustrie Landy Screw Pumps low operational costs
  • Highly reliable
  • Long lifetime
  • Virtually no wear (no spare units required)
  • Automatic adjustment of the pump capacity as a function of the incoming flow
  • Operating in a wide range, with a capacity from 10 to 11.500 l/s and lift from 0 to 25 m
  • Changes in the capacity are easy and, if necessary, stepless
  • Insensitive to supply conditions and also (because of the low rpm) no problems with caviation



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