• Spectrum LightScout UV Meter monitor critical UV radiation (250-400 nm) with this handheld meter
  • Determine UV filtering capacity of greenhouse shades and glass barriers
  • Range is 0-200.0 µmol·m-2·s-1 (full sunlight)
  • Can help to detect if user plants are being exposed to high levels of detrimental UV radiation, and to check the effectiveness of UV filtering materials.
  • Measure the quantity of light in the 250-400nm range.
  • Specific meters are also available for individual UV ranges.
  • UV-C light (200-280nm) can kill your plants.
  • UV-B light (280-315nm) is harmful as well and can cause plant color to fade.
  • UV-A light can be subdivided into two bands.
  • The 315-380nm band has no effect on plant growth, while the 380-400nm band begins the range for photosynthesis.)



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