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System Integration

Beyond offering top-quality monitoring instruments, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive system integration services. Our team excels in seamlessly merging hardware and software solutions, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency for your environmental monitoring needs. Trust us to deliver innovative solutions that not only gather crucial data but also integrate seamlessly into your existing systems, providing you with actionable insights to drive informed decision-making.

Reach out to us via call or email and discover how we can elevate your environmental monitoring efforts.

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Installation & Maintenance

We provide Installation and Maintenance services to our customers. The type of installation, system structure, mounting kits, mounting materials and many more can be customized to fit your requirements and to meet the site regulations. 

As a sensor and system solution provider, we provide maintenance services to new and existing system at factory recommended interval. Maintenance service for third party system and sensor is available here too.

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Solution provider for user application

We are involved in product supply and distribution. We can provide the total solution by selecting the most suitable & best products or system for your application.

Supply, testing & training

We often conduct product trainings to ensure that our customers and users are being able to operate the instruments and integrated software in a proper way.

All of our engineers and technicians are well trained and proficient while dealing with the latest technology & multiple products families. The training programs are being conducted either at our training centre or in-situ for the convenience of the customers.

Calibration verification

Calibration verification ensures the accuracy and quality of our products.

Service & repair

Need service or repair? Make it happen here.

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Soil auger, Contact meter, Moisture meter, Oil/Water Interface Meter, Water quality meter, etc. Please contact us for the availability of rental items.


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