• Regent WinFOLIA is a computer image analysis system that accurately do morphological measurements on broad leaves.
  • It comprises hardware for image acquisition (scanner or digital camera and accessories) and a computer program, WinFOLIA, specifically designed for leaf area, morphology and disease analysis.
  • Different configurations are offered in function of measurements, speed, accuracy and portability.
  • Can do batch reanalysis (not analysis) in Leaf Morphology Analysis mode.
  • When loading an analysed image, the operator can choose to load or not 7 groups of settings (those not loaded are overriden by WinFOLIA current’s settings):
    • Calibration (pixel size),
    • Analysis measurements settings (to change the Leaf Morphology Mode, ...),
    • Object & Background Detection parameters,
    • Leaves’ distribution graphic settings.
    • Image and Debris Filtering,
    • Color Classes and Groups definitions.
    • Leaf Color Group Classification.
  • Objects filtered out or rejected by the automatic analysis can now be revalidated (except those based on area).
  • Image Edition of the Objects’ Classification image (while an analysed region exists) are now cropped to the Active Analysed Region during drawing (they were cropped when edition ended now they are before).



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