01.11.SE Ergonomical Auger Set
01.11.SE Ergonomical Auger Set

Ergonomical auger set for heterogeneous soils, for ergonomic sound hand-operated augering to a depth of 5 m. With unpainted augers for environmental research.

  • Used to carry out manual drilling and sampling in a variety of soil.
  • Eijkelkamp 01.11.SE Ergonomical Auger Set suitable for general soil investigation and environmental research.
  • Carry out drillings to a depth of 5 m.
  • Extension of 50 cm with each additional piece.
  • A so-called ‘halt knob’ has been added making it impossible to drill too low to the ground.
  • The extended T-handle and its grip points (exerting forces on the different place) causes the user to exert less force on the handle.
  • A ratchet system and rounded ends to the handle have been added to put the wrists of the user into a more neutral position while twisting and turning the auger.
  • The square tubing makes it easy to adjust.
  • Universal bayonet connection.
Connection bayonet
Drilling diameter 7 cm
Maximum sample depth 5 m
Product material iron, other material
Sample length 10 cm
Sample specification disturbed
Sampler position vertical
Package size 120 x 65 x 30 cm
Weight 29 kg

Soil profile description and classification, Soil sampling above the groundwater table, Soil sampling below the groundwater table, Archaeological soil research, Environmental soil research


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