04.14 Van Der Horst Core Sampler
04.14 Van Der Horst Core Sampler
Soil , Sediment Sampling

Van der Horst core sampler. Set for sampling to a depth of 7 m.


  • Eijkelkamp 04.14 Van Der Horst Core Sampler used for manual filling of the stainless steel sampling tubes. Sampling can take place in bore holes, casing tubes (minimum diameter 75 mm) or in the beds of canals, lakes, etc. up to a depth of approximately 10 m.
  • Entered into the bore hole using extension rods.
  • The core sampler can be beaten into the soil using the steel hammer with nylon head or using a falling hammer (type down the hole).
  • When the sample enters the tube, the water or air above the sample can escape through a non-return valve.
  • After sampling the apparatus with the filled tube is extracted from the soil using the support and lever beam with rope catcher.
  • The standard set contains a handle with beating head, extension rods, a steel hammer with nylon heads, a falling hammer (type down the hole), a Van der Horst core sampler, sampling tubes with and without core catcher, plastic sampling liner, sampling tubes, PE covers, a hydraulic extruder and various accessories.
  • Complete set is delivered in an aluminium transport case.


Connection screwthread
Maximum sample depth 7 m
Power supply manual
Product material stainless steel, iron, other material
Sample diameter 67 mm
Sample length 44 cm
Sample specification undisturbed
Sample stored in tube
Sampler position vertical
Package size 146 x 64 x 50 cm
Weight 96kg
Applications Soil sampling above groundwater table, Soil sampling below groundwater table, Geotechnical soil research, Undisturbed sampling


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