04.31 Suspended Load Sampler, Delft Bottle Type
04.31 Suspended Load Sampler, Delft Bottle Type
Soil , Sediment Sampling

Suspended load sampler, Delft bottle type, standard set for sampling particles larger than 50 mu. Applicable in velocities till 2.5 m/s

  • Eijkelkamp 04.31 Suspended Load Sampler, Delft Bottle Type used to measure suspended sediment transport in rivers and other watercourses, from the surface down to 0.1 m above the river bottom.
  • The sediment containing water flows through a bottle-shaped sampler.
  • The shape of this sampling body induces a low pressure at the rear face in such a way, that the water enters the nozzle of the sampler with almost the same velocity as the undisturbed flow.
  • The sharp decrease of the velocity in the wide sampling chambers causes the sediment material to settle there.
  • The sampler can be used in two ways.
  • First: Suspended on a cable for all depths from the surface to 0.5 m above the bottom. A tail fin keeps the nozzle in up-stream direction.
  • Second: Standing in a frame on the bottom for distances of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 cm from the bottom. The set comprises a sampler, the frame, a number of nozzles and measuring glasses. Because of the flow-through principle, a large volume of water is sampled.
Maximum sample depth > 10 m
Product material iron, other material
Rod or cable operated cable
Sample stored in bottle
Sample volume 100 ml
Package size 120 x 94 x 50 cm
Weight 93 kg
Applications Sediment transport research


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