05.03  Grass Plot Sampler
05.03 Grass Plot Sampler
  •  Eijkelkamp 05.03  Grass Plot Sampler available in two dimensions, small or large.
  • Consist of a steel auger pipe, a collecting bucket and a stick with a steel handle. Sample is easily pushed toward the collecting trough because of the conical shape of pipe.
  • The correct number of samples per hectare depends on the type of crop, the relief and the type of soil.
  • Required to take 30 samples per hectare in case of grassland.
  • Possible to take samples of the top 5 cm (resp. 10 cm) of grass covered areas, for root- and/or fertilization research, quickly.
  • Suitable for research in grassland farming, horticulture and for the Parks and Public Gardens Department.



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