08.09 Core Cutter Method
08.09 Core Cutter Method
Soil , Sediment Sampling

Core cutter method, according to Dutch RAW-standard 2010, test no. 6



  • Eijkelkamp 08.09 Core Cutter Method used for works of civil engineering construction.
  • Only suited for material without stones.
  • Used for the determination of the density and the soil moisture content of embankment- or foundation material according to the Dutch RAW-standard 2000.
  • With a drop weight and a guide cylinder a special stainless steel sample ring, with a diameter of 95.7 x 102 mm and a height of 81.5 mm, is hammered into the soil surface.
  • The sampled material is transported to the laboratory, where after weighing and drying, the density and soil moisture content is determined.
  • The standard set includes a stainless steel sample ring with cutting edge for non-cohesive material and one for clay and clayey light gravely sand, a collar for the sample ring, a guide cylinder for the drop weight, a drop weight, a frame for the guide cylinder a steel rule, a flat stainless steel plate, a flat brush and a water level.
Maximum sample depth 10 cm
Sample diameter 95,7 mm
Sample length 8.15 cm
Sample specification undisturbed
Sample stored in ring
Weight 15 kg
Applications Soil sampling above the groundwater table, Geotechnical soil research, Laboratory soil density measurements, Undisturbed sampling


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