08.11 Soil Colour Charts
08.11 Soil Colour Charts

Soil colour book, with 12 colour charts (7.5R/10R/2.5YR/ 5YR/7.5YR/10YR/2.5Y/5Y/7.5Y /5R and GLEY = two charts. Total 389 colour chips Japanese version, English text)

  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Determination of a subgroup in the soil classification system is based among other aspects on color differences.
  • The soil color is determined by comparing the sample with standard soil color charts (Munsell).
  • Eijkelkamp 08.11 Soil Colour Charts available in Japanese (12 color charts) and American (10 color charts) version.
Product material other material
Package size 20 x 16 x 2 cm
Weight 0.5 kg
Applications Soil profile description and classification



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