09.03 Hauben water permeameter
09.03 Hauben water permeameter

The Hauben water permeameter apparatus is a laboratory test method for establishing the coefficient of permeability or hydrologic conductance of water (vertically) through an undisturbed water-saturated soil sample.

The method is suitable for fine-grained soil, especially silt and clay.

This equipment measures the soil permeability in accordance with NEN 5124, EN17892-11 and ASTM D5084 - 10 Laboratory determination of permeability of soil by the falling head method considering the following restrictions:

  • No physical sample load restricting sample swelling;
  • Falling head height max 300 mm;
  • Scale interval reading 5 mm; 
  • Please consult instrument specification for detailed information in case of accreditation.

The principle of the measurement is based on the ‘Falling Head Method’. A head of water is superimposed on the undisturbed water-saturated soil sample.

The water will flow through with a certain speed per unit time


  • Erosion, drainage, irrigation;
  • Agriculture research;
  • Geo-Hydrologic research;
  • Environmental research;
  • Basic material research.

User groups

  • Laboratories;
  • Research institutes;
  • Educational institutes, Universities.


  • Easy manual operation;
  • Proven accurate measurement principle;
  • Efficient multi-sample handling using the fast-exchange sample holder;
  • Up to 15 samples per container;
  • Sample sizes, Ø 60x56 h 40.5 mm (optional: Ø 53x50 h 51 mm);
  • Excellent price-quality ratio;
  • Developed in cooperation with Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel.
Container volume ~ 3 litre
Burette height 300 mm
Burette scale interval 5 mm
Burette 1 Ø = 5 mm (inside)
Burette 2 Ø = 4 mm (inside)
Burette 3 Ø = 3 mm (inside)
Core ring size (standard) Ø = 60 x 56 h = 40.5 mm (sample size Ø 56 h 40.5 mm; A = 2463 mm²)
Core ring size (optional) Ø = 53 x 50 h = 51 mm (sample size Ø 50 h 51 mm; A = 1963.5 mm²)
Operating temperature 15-35 ºC (constant temperature is highly recommended)
Dimensions instrument 30 x 25 x 90 cm (width x depth x height) sample container/tray 61 x 40 x 23 cm (15 samples)
Weight approx. 19 kg. (all-in)


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