12.03 Samplers With Large Ceramic Cup
12.03 Samplers With Large Ceramic Cup
  • Buried permanently on a fixed location and at a fixed depth.
  • Possible to collect a larger amount of soil moisture in a relatively shorter period of time.
  • Eijkelkamp 12.03 Samplers With Large Ceramic Cup available in various lengths.
  • Synthetic sand can be used in order to obtain proper contact between soil and sampler.
  • The under pressure is created using a vacuum pump fitted with a manometer.
  • The sample can be collected in a sampling bottle.
  • The standard set consists of 3 soil moisture sampler with length 30, 60 and 90 cm, a vacuum pump with manometer, sample bottles, silicon stoppers, Teflon tube, Edelman auger, handle and a container with synthetic sand for installation of the soil moisture samplers.
  • Samplers with a length up to 150 cm are available on request.


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