14.04.04 Jetfill Tensiometers
14.04.04 Jetfill Tensiometers

The Jet-fill tensiometer basically has the same components as the standard tensiometer but is equipped with a reservoir and a refill mechanism. At a push of the button, the Jet-fill mechanism instantly injects water from the reservoir into the body of the tensiometer and removes accumulated air. This tensiometer can be provided in different lengths as well.

Benefits Tensiometers

  • Direct readout of plant water stress
  • Simple purely physical operating principle
  • Set perfect for schools and horticulturists
  • Exchangeable porous ceramic cups
  • Simple installation
  • Jet fill type can be field refilled more easily


  • Need for infield refilling after drying of the soil
  • Not for extensive cultures (too dry)
  • Use 14.27 for increased range suction values
  • Not frost resistant at the ceramic cup


Maximum measuring depth 150 cm
Measuring accuracy ± 2.5 hPa
Measuring range 0...850 hPa
Porous material (cups) ceramic
Reading accuracy 2%
Registration type manual
The volume of material needed 20 ml
Applications Irrigation research, Soil moisture measurements


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