14.04.09 Tensior 4 With Electronic Pressure Transducer
14.04.09 Tensior 4 With Electronic Pressure Transducer

In case of the Tensior 4 the transducer is located at the bottom end of the tensiometer tube allowing it to be used also in case of frost (frost not too deep into the soil). The pressure transducer can simply be combined with another length of the tensiometer tube. This allows measurement at various depths. The Tensior 4 can be used for measurements in different positions. The Tensior 4 has a measuring range of -1000 till +850 hPa and an output signal of -100 till +85 mV (+/- 3 mV). The power supply is 10.6 Vdc and current consumption of 1.3 mA.

Benefits Tensior 4 with an electronic pressure transducer

  • Tensiometric value at the ceramic cup is measured with a pressure sensor
  • The pressure transducer may be placed at non- freezing depth
  • For direct readout or data logging
  • Also measures over-saturation (landslides, dams, dikes)
  • Some versions may be refilled in situ
  • Some versions with temperature logging



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