HVE-50 HVE-50
Autoclave HVE-50
  • The Hirayama HVE-50 autoclave sterilizer is a self-contained, portable, top-loading autoclave with auto exhaust and warming cycles.
  • Suited for the sterilizations of large fermenter vessels
  • A dual-sensing lid interlock shut prevents lid from opening when the chamber is pressurized or when the temperature exceeds 97°C. 

  • Electromechanical lock system
  • Hirayama Autoclave HVE-50 has dual-sensing interlock mechanism
  • Pulse Exhaust System
  • Memory function(Program your own)
  • Space-saving design
  • Process status display
  • Effective capacity: 50liter
  • Chamber size(㎜) : 300φ×710
  • Outer dimensions(W×H×D㎜):510×1040×530
  • Max.Steril.temp: 135℃
  • Process mode: 3-modes
  • Net weight: 57kg
Model HVE-50
Serial Number 30614016509
Production Date 01/2014
Chamber Capacity  0.054247 M^3
Sterilization Temp Range 105°C to 135°C
Maximum Pressure 0.255 MPa
Sterilization Timer 1 to 250 minutes
Pressure Gauge 0 to 0.4 MPa
Electric Power 2.0 kW
Voltage 120V 50 - 60Hz



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