15.01.SA Surveying Set For Shallow Wells
Eijkelkamp 15.01.SA Surveying Set For Shallow Wells
  •  Eijkelkamp 15.01.SA Surveying Set For Shallow Wells is for site investigations (to find the best place for the construction of a well).
  • Survey drilling is started with the 10 cm auger. If the borehole collapses, which may happen below groundwater level, the casing tubes with steel screw thread sockets are lowered into the borehole and the drilling is continued through the casing tube by using the 7 cm augers or the percussion drill.
  • The standard set (with conical screw-thread connection) includes a tool guide, handle, extension rods, rod catchers, Riverside augers and augers for stony soils, a stone catcher, a pointed chisel, synthetic casing tubes with a steel socket, a casing retriever, casing tube clamps, percussion drills, a set of tools, various accessories and steel transport boxes.


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