Trase System I
Trase System I

The 6050X1 TRASE System I is a self-contained, portable Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) system designed for field & Lab use for fast and accurate measurements of moisture in various materials (e.g. soil, cement, powders, grains etc). Measuring range 0 - 100% Volumetric Moisture content with a High Accuracy (+/- 2% FS or better) & 1000 point time/distance resolution.

This is a true TDR instrument with automatic beginning and endpoint determinations and full graphing abilities, allowing determination of both time and impedance differences along a waveguide. The 6050X1 provides the largest signal Pulses of any commercial TDR unit: (1.25V / 120 ps. rise time), provides the very best characterization of dielectric changes along a waveguide. 

  • Built-in Datalogger for 200 graphs / 6,300 readings (more with added memory). Options to remotely Multiplex from 1 up to 256 measuring points on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Easily programmable with One-Key control. No calibration required. Ready to operate on-site or remotely from your computer.
  • Commands are entered via the keypad, data are output to the display screen, and a rechargeable battery pack supplies electrical power.

Weight: 26.28 lbs. Dimensions: 21X17X15 lbs.

Base model Includes:

  • 6050X1 TRASE System I Analyzer.
  • Waveguide Connector.
  • 15cm long Waveguide Set.
  • 20cm Buriable Waveguide.
  • 6AH Power Pack.
  • Battery Charging Transformer.​​​​​​​
  • Soil Moisture Sensing
  • Irrigation Management
  • Mining



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