Float Switch 7030

MJK Float switch combines simplicity and durability.

The 7030 Float switch is made without mercury switches, making it an up-to-date, environment friendly unit.

Float switches are often used for pumping stations and sewage plants for controlling or alarms.

The 7030 Float switch is most commonly used in waste water pumping stations and sewage treatment plants.

The float switch is working via a built-in counterweight and a mercury free micro switch, providing additional environmental security.
The activation level of the 7030 Float switch is easily adapted by using a counterweight (accessories) on the cable. This allows the level switch to increase to a higher level before activating the switch and providing the float to be re-positioned.

In case of heavy sludge layer on top of the water in the well, the 7030 Float switch will work submerged with the counterweight.

Contact system Mechanical
Output Change-over contact
Max. load AC: 250V / 16A, DC: 220V / 0,5A 24V / 16A
Housing Polypropylene



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