MPS-D8/Qualilog8 MPS-D8/Qualilog8
Multiparameter probe MPS-D8/Qualilog8
  • Robust, pluggable multiparameter sensor from 1.4439 stainless steel to accommodate up to eight sensors (water level, temperature, conductivity, pH, redox potential, oxygen, turbidity, etc.)
  • Additional electric contact gauge function combined with KLL-Q-2 mobile field laboratory
  • Slim design (Ø 48mm, 493 mm length), can be used from 2"-pipe diameter
  • Output: RS485 (SHWP), Option: MODBUS, SDI-12, 0/4-20 mA
  • Optional: Integrated, powerful SEBA data logger Qualilog8 for stationary use

Individually configurable:
Depending on the measuring task at hand, the MPS-D8 can be individually equipped with a maximum of eight water quality sensors and can detect up to 13 parameters.

Simple handling:
Special bayonet locks grant the users a simple and quick replacement of worn sensors. The calibration and configuration of the MPS-D8 is carried out using a special USB-RS485 interface cable together with ConfigPC operating software (Windows). This will automatically detect if a probe is spent and must be replaced.

The housing of the MPS-D8 is made of high-quality 1.4439 stainless steel. The probe can thus be used even under adverse ambient conditions (e.g. landfill or other contaminated sites).

The proven and robust SEBA plug system of the MPS-D8 allows both the connection to mobile handsets (SEBA KLL-Q-2 Type electric water level gauge (KLL), Checker-2) and stationary data collectors with data transmission (UniLogCom, LogCom/FlashCom) or without data transmission (Qualilog8).

Parameters Water level [cm], [m]
Sensor Relative pressure probe
Measurement Principle Capacitive with ceramic measuring cell
Range 0-2 / 1 /4 /5 /20 /40 /100 / 200m water column or according to specifications
Accuracy ± 0.1% FS
Long Term Stability ± 0.1% / year
Parameters Water temperature [°C]
Sensor NTC30 with polynomial linearisation
Measurement Principle NTC resistance
Range -5 - +50°C
Accuracy 0.1°C
Pressure Range 0-50 bar

Conductivity [µS/cm], [mS/cm]

derived parameters: solutes [g/l], salinity, density [g/l]

Sensor 4-electrode measuring cell

0-200mS/cm (total)

Automatic measuring range switchover: 0-200µS/cm; 0,2-2mS/cm; 2-20mS/cm; 20-200mS/cm

Accuracy ± 1µS/cm for measuring range of 0-200µS/cm +/- 0,5% for measuring range of 0,2-200mS
Pressure Range 0-50 bar
Parameter pH
Sensor Glass Electrode
Range 0-14pH
Accuracy ± 0.1pH
Resolution 0.01pH
Pressure Range 0-20 bar
Parameter Redox [mV]
Sensor Glass electrode
Range -1200mV-1200mV
Accuracy ± 10mV
Parameter Oxygen [mg / l]
Derived Parameter Oxygen saturation [%]
Sensor Clark electrode (amperometric)
Range 0-40mg
Accuracy ± 0.5% FS
Parameter Turbidity [NTU]
Derived Parameter Suspended substances [mg / l] optically
Range 0-1000 NTU and 0-5000 NTU
Accuracy ± 1% of the respective end of measuring range
Pressure Range 0-10bar (with wiper) 0-20bar (without wiper)
Material 1.4404 stainless steel (standard)
Dimensions 48mm, length: 493mm
Protection Class  
Probe IP68
RS485 Interface IP67 (immersion depth with dry cartridge up to 3m, depending on cable length)
Power Supply 4-15VDC or 8-15VDC with optical sensors
Hanging Depth Up to 1000m


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