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  • Seba SlimCom and SlimLogCom is groundwater monitoring system with integrated GSM/GPRS modem.
  • Comprehensive alarm management with SMS notification.
  • Type SlimLogCom additionally with integrated data logger. 
  • Data transmission via GSM/GPRS networks:
    • automatic data retrieval
    • Data push to FTP-servers
    • SMS data transmission
    • SMS-Alarm
  • Time-Server synchronisation
  • Memory for 280.000 values
  • Possibility of event-driven data acquisition
  • Watch-dog function for safe operation and high data security
  • Cost reduction due to longer control intervals 1
  • For observation tubes starting from Ø 1 / ” 2
  • Subsurface installation possible
Technical Data  

- consumption (in power down mode): < 50µA

- peak current (modem transmitting): max. 500mA

- serial flash memory with 4 MB (approx. 280.000 values)

- Flashcontroller 32bit with integrated watch-dog

- RTC (battery-backed)

- logical channels: up to 32 channels

- A/D converter 16 bit


- RS485 Sensor interface (SHWP)

- Up/down counter input, phase counter, impulse (rain)

- 2 contact inputs (control, protocol)

- 2 analogue (bi/unipolar) for standard signals 

GSM/GPRS modem (integrated)

- Frequency: 850/900MHz/1800/1900MHz (EGSM, Quadband), GPRS

- HF output max: 2W (850/900 MHz); 1W (1800/1900 MHz)

- SIM-Card: 1,8V / 3V

- electric current: ~ 50mA (receipt) 0.5A (transmission)

- FTP-Push Operation: in ZRXP or D-channel format, CSV

- SMS Transmission: in Binary format


RS 232

Option: Bluetooth (additional external module)

SMS Alarm 8 x SMS-Alarm to a mobile phone SMS-Alarm to facsimile instrument freely adjustable


Power Supply  
Standard 4x1,5V Alkali-Manganese batteries operation time: > 1 year @ 1 call/day
Option 4x3,6V Lithium batteries operation time: up to 8 years @ 1 call/week (depending on the quality of the GSM connection)

aluminium, IP67

dimensions: Ø 35 mm, height 380 mm height incl. antenna 420 mm

Antenna screwed on, robust, weather-proof standardly with dualband mini rod antenna
Operating temperature -20°...+70°C



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