TPS Sulphide Ion Selective Electrode
Sulphide Ion Selective Electrode

Combination Sulphide ISE with Intermediate Junction reference system.

Concentration Range 0.003 to 32,100 mg/L S2-
Linear Range 0.05 to 3,210 mg/L S2-
Slope  -57 mV/decade +/-5 mV at 25 oC
Response Time <30 seconds for 90% of final value from 0.03 to 32,100 mg/L S2-
pH Range 12 to 14
Main Interferences Hg2+
Temperature Range -0 to 60 oC (32 to 140 oF)
Sensor Material Polycrystalline solid state membrane
Body and Sleeve Polypropylene/PEEK
Reference System Intermediate Junction (IJ) reference system is a double junction design. Ag/AgCl reference.


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