Real-Time GroundWater Level Monitoring, Cross Island Line-Punggol Extension

National Park Board
Services Category:
Water , Level Measurement & Monitoring

This project focuses on establishing groundwater monitoring stations with the primary objective of conducting pre- and post-construction environmental impact assessments. These stations also play a crucial role in mitigating risks during the construction phase by providing real-time data and alerts.

Using advanced TD Diver sensors, our system continuously monitors changes in groundwater levels, understanding how construction activities can impact nearby ecosystems, including wetlands, rivers, and lakes. By detecting real-time fluctuations in groundwater levels, user can take proactive measures to protect these sensitive environments.

Moreover, the monitoring system serves as an early warning system for potential issues such as land subsidence due to excessive groundwater extraction that leads to soil compaction and settlement, posing risks to nearby infrastructure and the environment. By promptly identifying such changes, user can implement measures to prevent or minimize these impacts.



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