• Range of sensors to suit different environments and dataloggers/data acquisition systems
  • Housing suitable for indoor or continuous outdoor use
  • Available with a range of mounting accessories
Range 0-1100 mBar
Absolute Error Typically less than 1.0mBar Max 3.0 mBar at 1000 mBar and 20 deg ºC
Error Over 0-50ºC Typically less than 2.2mBar Max less than 11mBar
Power Supply 1 to 10V (excitation)
Sensitivity (all devices) 75mV (+/-8mV) per 1000mBar at 10V excitation. N.B. Each device individually calibrated and in above range
Operating Temperature -40ºC to +80ºC
Housing Dimensions please see SKPS 810 details
Current Consumption Less than 2.5mA at 10V



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