Anemometers (Windspeed)

High specification anemometer.  Marine versions are available, as are heating elements

  • An anemometer for run of wind measurements, or operation with an electronic counter to determine average wind speed.
  • A magnet turns with the rotor spindle and the resulting varying field causes a mercury wetted reed switch to make and break contact once per revolution of the rotor.
  • The contacts are bounce free, simplifying connection to electronic circuits, and no power is required apart from that necessary to detect contact closure,
  • Suitable for permanent exposure to the weather.
  • In the marine version (A100/WR) a touching shaftseal is fitted for extra protection in place of the standard non-contact seal, with a small increase in threshold speed.
  • An anti-icing heater can be fitted if required facilitating use at remote sites
Performance: Threshold 0.25m/s (0.6 m/s A100R3), Max speed over 75m/s
Performance: Accuracy 1% +0.1m/s, distance constant 5m
Calibration 0.80 revolutions per meter (1 pulse per 1¼ meters)
Temperature range -30 to +55ºC
Weight Total 350g including standard 3m cable
Electrical: Switching voltage 100 volts DC maximum
Electrical: Switching current 0.5 Amps maximum
Electrical: Switch rating 28 Watts maximum (DC resistive)
Electrical: Duty cycle 50% + 5% up to 50m/s +-10% Up to 75m/s



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