COM320 COM320-1
COM320 Voice Phone Modem

The COM320 is a voice-synthesizer modem that adds speech capability to a CR6, CR800, CR850, CR1000, or CR3000 datalogger. This capability allows the user to call a site for a spoken summary of real-time or historical data. The COM320 can also act as a standard modem.

The COM220 has a CS I/O port, power terminals, screw terminals, and an RJ-11C jack. The data logger connects with the CS I/O port via an SC12 or SC12R-6 cable. The RJ-11C jack is for attaching a surge-protected telephone line. Alternatively, the screw terminals (GND, RING, TIP) can be used to connect the COM220 with a phone line via a surge protector.

Transmission Distance or Area Worldwide
Operation 1200 to 115200 baud digital communications over phone lines
  • Generated voice messaging for incoming or outgoing calling
  • Touch-tone selection voice responses
Operating Temperature Range -25° to +50°C (standard)
Operating Voltage 12 Vdc
Current Drain
  • ~100 μA (quiescent)
  • ~35 mA (active)
Communication Rate 9600, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps (between data logger and COM320, and selected by user)
Data Logger Interface CS I/O, SDC9 (not changeable)



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