LW110 Lightning Warning System
LW110 Lightning Warning System

The basic LW110 Lightning Warning System requires a CS110 Electric Field Meter, an embedded CR1000M Measurement and Control Datalogger and a pre-wired 14-inch-by-16-inch fibreglass enclosure.

  • CS LW110 Lightning Warning System first strike warning--senses potential for lightning
  • "All clear" notice when the lightning threat has passed
  • Up to 7-mile detection radius
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • PC, web, and email alarms when communication is added
  • Optional SG000 detects strikes up to 20-mile radius and can be added to create a complete lightning-threat measurement and analysis system
  • Optional meteorological sensors for expanded weather monitoring and logging
  • Rugged construction
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance—extensive diagnostics lets you know when maintenance is needed

The LW110 provides continuous monitoring of local electric field and triggers warnings when there is potential for lightning. Because warnings are based on measurements of electric field, instead of prior strikes, the system can detect lightning danger, even when no other strikes have occurred.

By measuring the electric field at your location, the LW110 can be relied upon to remove the guesswork from critical decisions: 1) when to seek shelter as a storm approaches and 2) when it's safe to resume activities as a storm passes.

An optional optical strike detection device can be added to give a 'best of both worlds' warning system.

Example Configuration:

  • CS110 Electric Field Meter
  • CM10/3 3 m Galvanized-Steel-Tubing Instrument Tripod
  • ENC14/16 Enclosure
  • 7 Ahr Battery with AC Power
  • RA100 Strobe & Siren Alarm


The LW110 is customizable, allowing you to configure the station to your project’s specifications while retaining turn-key functionality. The following components are alternatives or additions to the above configuration:

Lightning Detector

  • SG000 Strike Guard Lightning Sensor

Meteorological Sensors

Temperature & Relative Humidity

  • HMP60 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
  • HC2S3 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

Wind Speed & Direction

  • 05103 Wind Monitor

Solar Radiation / Barometric Pressure / GPS

  • CS300 Pyranometer
  • CS100 Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • GPS16X-HVS GPS Receiver


  • ARG100 Rain Gauge
  • 52203 Rain Gauge


  • Ethernet
  • NL200 Network Link Interface
  • Fibre
  • FC100 Fibre Optic Converter
  • Radio
  • RF416 Spread Spectrum radio
  • GPRS comms options, please call for more information


  • RA100 Strobe & Siren Alarm, (<61 m away)
  • RA110 Remote Strobe & Siren Alarm (>61 m away)
  • Computer- or web-based alarms
  • Email
  • Text (SMS)


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