Orion 910
Orion 910
Orion 910
Orion 910 Orion 910 Orion 910
Orion® 910 Moisture Meter

With its electromagnetic field, your Orion® 910 moisture meter covers a relatively large cross-sectional area each time you take a reading, giving you a far better representation than other technologies of the true moisture content of your wood.

Your Orion® 910 is best-suited for wood thicknesses from .75 inches (19mm) up to 1.5 inches (38mm). The meter can be used on non-solid wood products, and the Species Setting Booklet includes a few settings for some of these common materials.


  • Digital display resolution of 0.1% (in Standard Measurement mode)
  • MC measurement range for wood 4.0% to 32.0%
  • Relative scale for testing non-wood building materials
  • Programmable settings for a wide range of softwood and hardwood species
  • Large moisture measurement sensor area
  • Current reading can be frozen on display screen, great for note taking
  • Low battery alert indication
  • Audible alarm for programmable high moisture content limits
  • Programmable audio alert volume
  • Can be field-calibrated with the included Orion® On-Demand Calibrator
  • Protective rubber boot
  • Hard shell storage case and a 9-volt battery are included
  • IntelliSenseTM– Read beyond surface conditions
  • Automatic shutoff when not in use
Scanning Area 2.0 inches (50mm) x 2.5 inches (63mm)
Power 9-volt battery (Wagner recommends using non-rechargeable Alkaline or Lithium or rechargeable NiMH batteries)
Auto Power Shut-Down 60 seconds
Measurement Ranges
  • Ambient Temperature: 32˚F to +110˚F (0˚C to +43˚C)
  • Ambient Relative Humidity: 0% to 100%
  • Equilibrium Moisture Content Measurement Range: 0-40.7%
  • Dew Point: -85˚F to +110˚F (-65˚C to +43˚C)
  • Absolute Humidity: 0 to 431.1 lb/ft (0 to 61.6 kg/m)
Specific Gravity Range for Wood Species 0.20-1.0 SG
Storage Temperature and Humidity +50˚F to +90˚F (+10˚C to +32˚C), Maximum relative humidity of 95%, Non-condensing
Operating Temperature Range +32˚F to +110˚F (+0˚C to +43˚C)


Model variations: Orion 910, 930, 940, and 950 pinless meters


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