PC-OPC OPC Server (Single License)



Current Version: 2.1

The PC-OPC Server uses the OPC standard interface to allow third-party, OPC-compatible graphics packages to view data from the LoggerNet server. This software provides a simple browser interface that allows you to easily select the values you want to display. It also allows you to view input locations, final storage data, and LoggerNet communications server statistics, as well as perform control operations.

The PC-OPC Server uses a simple browse interface that:

  • Provides data via “data tags” to any SCADA or third-party software that supports OPC
  • Updates, or pushes, data to third-party software as the LoggerNet server collects it from the data logger(s)
  • Allows third-party software to set input locations, variables, ports, and flags in our data loggers

Many software and hardware products support OPC. Products that have been tested by Campbell Scientific include Iconics Genesis, Intellution IFIX, and National Instruments Lookout.

A PC-OPC trial version can be downloaded at no charge. The trial version generates random data instead of retrieving the data.

Current Version 2.1
Operating System Windows 7, Vista, 2000, or XP
Data Access Standard Supports Data Access Standard 2.05a only.
Requirement Licensed copy of LoggerNet or LoggerNetAdmin must be running on the same PC or a remote PC that is accessible via TCP/IP.
Purchased Separately Yes



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