Ultrasonic Anemometer Model 81000
Ultrasonic Anemometer Model 81000

The 81000 measures wind velocity based on the transit time of ultrasonic signals sent between the transducers. Depending on its orientation and magnitude, airflow alters the sonic signal transit time. By measuring the transit time in each direction along all three paths, the three-dimensional wind velocity and speed of sound may be calculated. From the speed of sound, the sonic temperature is derived. Speed of sound and the sonic temperature is corrected for crosswind effects. Measurement data are available as voltage output signals or serial output using RS-232 or RS-485 connections. Both voltage and serial output may be configured for a variety of output formats. Operating parameters may be edited using ordinary terminal software on a PC. Simple menus make it easy. All parameters are stored in nonvolatile memory. Superior environmental resistance is achieved by using UV stabilized thermoplastic, stainless steel, and anodized aluminium components. Electrical connections are made via an easily accessible junction box. The unit mounts on standard 1-inch pipe.

The YOUNG Model 81000 Ultrasonic Anemometer is a 3-axis, no-moving-parts wind sensor. It is ideal for applications requiring fast response, high resolution and three-dimensional wind measurement. The sensor features durable corrosion-resistant construction with 3 opposing pairs of ultrasonic transducers supported by stainless steel members. Each 81000 is individually wind-tunnel calibrated. Wind and sonic temperature data is available on four voltage output channels. Serial RS-232 and RS-485 outputs are available as well. The sensor installs on standard 1 inch pipe. 

  • R.M. Young Ultrasonic Anemometer Model 81000 voltage output signals or serial output are available using RS-232 or RS-485 connections.
  • Operating parameters may be edited using ordinary terminal software on a PC.
  • All parameters are stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Superior resistance to adverse environmental conditions

Wind Speed

  • Range: 0 to 40 m/s (0 to 90 mph)
  • Resolution: 0.01 m/s
  • Threshold: 0.01 m/s
  • Accuracy: ±1% rms ±0.05 m/s (0 to 30 m/s) ±3% rms (30 to 40 m/s)

Wind Direction

  • Azimuth Range: 0.0 to 359.9 degrees
  • Elevation Range: ±60.0 degrees
  • Resolution: 0.1 degree
  • Accuracy: ±2° (1 to 30 m/s) ±5° (30 to 40 m/s)

Speed of Sound

  • Range: 300 to 360 m/s
  • Resolution: 0.01 m/s
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% rms ±0.05 m/s (0 to 30 m/s wind)

Sonic Temperature

  • Range: -50 to +50 ºC
  • Resolution: 0.01 ºC
  • Accuracy: ± 2 ºC (0 to 30 m/s wind)

Voltage Output

  • 4 CHANNEL Range: 0 to 5000 mV
  • Resolution: 12 Bit
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1% of full scale


  • Air sample column: 10 cm high X 10 cm diameter
  • Air sample path: 15 cm
  • Output rate: 4 to 32 Hz (selectable)
  • Output formats: Serial data (selectable) RS-232 and RS-485
  • Baud Rates: 1200 to 38400
  • Power Supply: 12 to 24 VDC, 110 mA
  • Dimensions: Overall height 56 cm Support arm radius 17 cm
  • Mounting: 34 mm (1.34 in) diameter (standard 1 inch pipe)
  • Weight: Sensor weight 1. 7 kg (3.8 lb)


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