06.15 SA Penetrologger
06.15 SA Penetrologger

The penetrologger is a versatile instrument for in situ measurements of the resistance to penetration of the soil. 

  • The cone is screwed on the probing rod, which is connected with a quick coupling to the force sensor on the penetrologger. Now the cone is pushed slowly and regularly into the soil.
  • The depth reference plate, which is on the soil surface, reflects the signals of the ultrasonic sensor, which results in very accurate depth measurement.
  • The depth reference plate is also used to reflect the signals which are used to control the penetration speed.
  • The measured resistance to penetration and the GPS coordinates are stored in the internal logger of the penetrologger.
Angle of cone 60 °
Battery lifetime 8 hours
Cone surface range 1, 2, 3.3, 5 cm²
Connection screwthread
Data output .txt, other
Data plug type RS232
Data storage capacity 1500
Data transfer cable
International Protection Rating 54
Maximum Applicable pressure 10000 kPa
Maximum measuring depth 0.80 m
Maximum operating temperature 50 °
Measured parameters penetration resistance
Measuring accuracy < ± 1%
Measuring range 0...10000 kPa
Minimum operating temperature 0 °
Power supply battery
Product material stainless steel, iron, PVC, other material
Programming possibility Yes
Reading accuracy 0.1%
Registration type logging
Package size 60 x 30 x 24 cm
Weight 15.5 kg


The penetrologger can be applied in the agricultural as well as in the civil engineering sector:

  • General soil science research;
  • Foundation technology;
  • Checking whether or not the soil is suitable for agricultural;
  • Research into (expected) growing conditions for plants;
  • The detection of compacted (possibly impermeable) sub-soil layers;
  • Research into poor growing conditions of for instance trees in the city or in parks;
  • Checking artificially-made compactions;
  • Checking the suitability of soils for carrying vehicles or pedestrians.
  • No mechanical parts, strong and reliable
  • Incorporated fast GPS. Data are auto-stored
  • Soil moisture indicator can be connected
  • Record one moisture % per measurement
  • Moisture recordings allow comparing of data
  • 500 fully digital depth/force recordings
  • Numerous different projects can be defined
  • Projects can be selected at any moment
  • Velocity indicator stimulates correct pushing
  • Field and office programmable / read-out
  • Will show, upload or print any reading
  • Will show averages and spreading


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