07.53.SC Sample Ring Kit
07.53.SC Sample Ring Kit
Soil , Sediment Sampling


  • Eijkelkamp 07.53.SC Sample Ring Kit model SC, used to take all type of soils to a depth of up to 2 m.
  • The samples can be taken on the surface, in auger holes or in profile pits, above as well as under the groundwater level.
  • The closed ring holder is fitted with a conical threaded connection which means that the ring holder may also be hammered into the soil with an impact absorbing hammer.
  • The set contains a closed ring holder, a handle with beating head, an Edelman- and a Riverside auger, extension rods, a hammering head with a guide cylinder, an aluminium case with soil sample rings and various accessories.
  • Can be obtained for soil sample rings with a diameter of 53, 60 and 84 mm. 




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