FieldScout TDR 250 Economy Soil Moisture Meter

Capture soil moisture measurements in the root zone. Maintain consistent turf quality.


• Soil Moisture (Volumetric Water Content)
• Settings for standard, hi-clay, or sand soil types

• Displays VWC% (with running average)
• Operates in TDR 300 mode
• Soil measurements in less than a second
• Internal data logging up to 124,000 measurements
• USB port to download data log to a !ash drive
• High-contrast display with backlight for easy viewing
• Ergonomic, portable design with removable handles
• Replaceable rods (varying lengths) - sold separately


Accuracy ± 3.0% VWC
Range 0% to saturation (up to 50% depending on soil type)
Resolution 0.1% VWC
Data Logger Up to 124,000 measurements
Measurement Principle Time-Domain measurement
Battery  4 AA batteries



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