08.13 Wet Sieving Apparatus

Wet sieving method, complete set to determine the aggregate stability of soil

  • The testing procedure results in an index for aggregate stability.
  • Eijkelkamp 08.53 Calcimeter the standard set includes a shaking machine for wet sieving method (incl. 100-240 VAc adapter), suitable for 8 sieves, stainless steel Ø 64x45 mm, sieve cans Ø 39x39 mm with sieve opening 0.250 mm and sieve surface of 10.2 cm2.
  • Optional are sieves with various openings 2,0 - 0.045 mm.
  • Determined on the principle that unstable aggregates will break down more easily than stable aggregates when immersed into water.
  • 8 sieves are filled with a certain amount of soil aggregates to determine the stability.
  • These sieves are placed in a can filled with water, which will move up and downward for a fixed time.
  • Unstable aggregates will fall apart and pass through the sieve and are collected in the water-filled can underneath the sieve.
Maximum number of samples 8
Measured parameters Aggregate stability
Measuring range 0 - 100%
Power supply line voltage
Reading accuracy Depending on weighing equipment
Sample specification disturbed
Voltage 110 - 240 volt
Applications Soil physical laboratory research, Erosion research, Soil stability research


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