10.02 Well Protection Materials
Water , Water Sampling

To protect monitoring wells (and piezometers) against traffic, destruction, contamination and weather effects, various protective materials are  available.

The available range of monitoring well covers starts with a standard lid design with  recess for pull-out hook, and ends with a liquid-tight monitoring well cover with recess for pull-out hook and vandalism proof inner socket head  screw. All monitoring well covers have an attachment hole for a monitoring well label or a transponder. Also included in our programm are synthetic monitoring well covers with cast-iron lid for use in road surfaces. Outside dimensions of this cover are 145x145 mm, height 250 mm. This cover has a static load taking capacity of 40 tons at 220°C (tested according to NEN/DIN).Monitoring well labels Included in our product range are two types of water resistant monitoring well labels, either with orwithout company name. Labels are supplied including tire-wraps.


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