Eijkelkamp 12.04 Bailer Sampler, Stainless Steel
12.04.SA Bailer Sampler 250mL, set
Water , Water Sampling

This bailer sampler consists of a stainless steel tube and is available in a design with a 33 mm or 45 mm diameter and a content of resp. 250 ml and 1000 ml. The stainless steel tube is open at the top-end and fitted with an unscrewable cap at the bottom. A ball check is fitted in the bottom. As soon as the water sampler is lowered it can be lifted again. To assure a proper replacement of the contents during the lowering, the sampler is lifted half a meter several times.

The stainless steel bailer samplers are supplied in complete sets with bailer sampler, emptying device, protective cover and measuring tape. Sampling depth is 20 m.

Benefits Bailer sampler, stainless steel

  • Stainless steel 304 type bailer 33 mm in diameter
  • Stainless steel ball valve below, open top
  • O-ring assure that no leakage occurs during pulling up
  • Sinks rapidly to desired depth
  • Does not sorb or de-sorb volatiles
  • Rapidly sinking small diameter
  • Supplied complete with bottle neck sized emptying device and 20 m stainless steel measuring reel
  • Bailer with emptying device also sold separately (12.04.01)


  • Can be detergent, acetone, dish-washer, or steam decontaminated / or sterilized
  • Not fit for LNAPL or DNAPL determinations (use 12.41 or electronic device)


Sampling at any required depth, depending on the length of the measuring tape or the teflon coated cable. Sampling can be executed in open water, tanks, basins or monitoring wells. The samples can be used for chemical-, biological- and/or bacteriological analysis.


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