12.06 Van Dorn Water Samplers
Water , Water Sampling

The Van Dorn water sampler (horizontal water bottle) has been specially designed for the sampling of open water. As a result of the material choice, it is also suitable for sampling coastal waters and for the analysis for heavy metals. The horizontal water flow through is not hindered by constrictions so that no appreciable contamination can occur in shallow water. As a result, the sampler is also suitable for measuring parameters in water with solid particles or constituents bound to them, possibly in large quantities. The Van Dorn water sampler holds 2.2 litre.

Benefits Van Dorn water samplers

  • Complete with drop-weight, 30 metre polyester rope and transport case;
  • The sample does not come into contact with metal parts;
  • Minimum contamination;
  • The CTD Diver can be used to monitor temperatures, vertical water depth and, if required, conductivity.


  • Various, including analysis for heavy metals in coastal waters.
Diameter 10 * 10 * 30 cm
Cable Length 30 m 
Sample Specification Disturbed
Sample Volume 2200 mL
Sampler Position Horizontal



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