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The Geolux HydroStation is a compact platform that integrates several Geolux products in a single, easy to install, package. It contains everything required to set-up a hydrological station for monitoring water level and discharge. HydroStation contains not only the required instruments, but also a GPRS-enabled datalogger, a backup battery and a solar panel to provide continuous power on remote locations.

  • Highly integrated hydrological monitoring station
  • Compact vandal-proof enclosure
  • Adjustable solar panel holder
  • Holders for all instruments included
  • Enables quick on-site installation and deployment
  • Hardened IP68 aluminum enclosure
  • Includes radar-based water level meter and surface velocity radar for water level and discharge measurement
  • Includes Geolux HydroCam camera for visual inspection of monitoring site
  • Lithium battery and solar panel for continuous power supply
  • GPRS-enabled datalogger with MPPT battery charger
  • Designed to work with Geolux HydroView software


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