Eijkelkamp 12.16 Synthetic Bailer Samplers
12.16 Bailer Sampler, 19mm, 95cm
Water , Water Sampling

The bailer samplers of rigid transparent teflon are supplied in various sizes and diameters. A special teflon coated cable can be delivered for lowering and raising the samplers. For all sizes a teflon emptying device is available to allow drainage of the sampler without any aeration or turbulence. HDPE and pvc disposable bailer samplers including bottom emptying device are also available.

Benefits Synthetic bailer samplers

  • Full teflon constructions copes with all chemicals inclusive acids, lyes
  • Can cope with hot liquids
  • Transparent so easy judgement of contents
  • Slow sorption (loss) of volatiles
  • Perfect both for wells as well as tank sampling
  • High density of teflon assures sinking even in concentrated sulfuric acid
  • Two diameter (19 and 35 mm) to cope with most wells
  • 35 mm version with optional emptying device
  • No threaded connections; smooth parts assure easy cleaning with wipers
  • Two reels available; 12.16.45 for use with max 10 m of cable, 12.16.47 for use with more cable
  • Can be combined with 5 or 25 m teflonized cable or stainless steel cables or (disposable) thick fish nylon wire.


  • Can be detergent, acetone, dish-washer, or steam decontaminated / or sterilized
  • Not fit for LNAPL or DNAPL determinations (use 12.41 or electronic device)


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