6536 Water Conductivity Instrument with 6536 Probe

The 6536 Water Conductivity Instrument with 6536 Probe measures the electro-conductivity and temperature of water in streams, rivers, lakes and in the groundwater system, using bore holes. The temperature is measured within the sensing cell to provide precision correction. Both, temperature corrected and uncorrected, conductivity measurements are available for recording.

A Starlog compatible micrologger with 512KB memory is part of the instrument, providing all the standard Unidata data logger features such as SDI-12, intelligent battery supervision, modem interface and all the programmability found in Starlog dataloggers. Ultra-low power consumption makes the 6536 ideal for remote, unattended operation. This instrument will operate for months from a single model 6910A or 12V battery.

6536P-2-X probe is designed for use with the 6536E Water Electroconductivity Instrument. It is available in standard cable lengths of 10m and 20m as well as custom lengths up to and beyond 100m.

Material Derlin Housing, black epoxy
Size Dia 15.3mm x 163mm L
Weight 500g (including 10m of cable)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 60°C
Immersion Depth 36mm minimum to more than 100m
Sensor Cable 10 metres, 20m & 50m with SQL connector, custom lengths available
Sensor Type Four (4) Electrode, cocentric graphite
Pressure Resistance 10 bar
Cell Constant 0.475cm-1 ±2.0%
Thermistor Type Integrated NTC (30kΩ@25°C)


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